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We are a full-service weld shop providing a wide variety of solutions including:


  • We are capable of welding stainless, carbon, and aluminum both MIG, TIG processes and FCAW. 

  • Surface finishing services

  • Powder coating

  • Epoxy, enamel and urethane HVLP finishing.

  • Anodizing

  • Sandblasting and striping

  • Machining and milling of custom parts, as well as the assembly. 

  • CNC work plasma, waterjet and laser 

  • Shear and brake work


CDF offers more than just metal solutions for scenic environments. We are capable of a large range of art including, scenic art, carpentry, exhibits, showcases, tradeshow, fiberglass, mold making/casting 3D printing and design.


Looking for something else?


We are not limited too repair, art technology, or theatrical set, prop's. See more of our work by visiting our Showcase or contact us to discuss your project needs.

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